Kim Kardashian News: Kim Bans Her Family From Mentioning Reggie Bush In Front Of Kanye West?

Well, thats a bit much, isnt it? There have been numerous assurances by Kim that Kanye has nothing to be jealous of, but there is always an argument when his name comes up. Kanye thinks that Reggie is still in love with Kim because he married a woman that looks exactly like her. And honestly, that isnt lost on Kim either. Kim Kardashian might have tried to ignore her exs wedding, but her step-brother, Brody Jenner, actually went to the wedding and didnt go to Kims wedding , so that caused a bit of discussion surely. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brody is good friends with Reggie Bush and has been for years. Some wondered if Kim was mad about the situation. Of course its a huge diss to Kim that her step-brother went to her ex-boyfriends wedding, and not hers! But Brody has been friends with Reggie for years, and wouldnt have missed his wedding.

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